Description Edit

The problem seems to happen after "users can now easily put widgets anywhere with the". There is a nowiki tag with an enclosed "widget" tag. The javascript for the footer spotlights ends up here.

Product Edit

  • We're about to roll out an overall user engagement messaging tool
    • It will prompt people to register/edit/whatever at key points in their interaction with Wikia
    • We're looking at registration/editing behavior to see how we can influence these as a first step.
  • We've made a few small enhancements to editing ... you can see them here:
    • when you click "edit" look on the left side for the help panel
    • when you're editing and inserting a link, type "[[a"
      -you should see "search suggest" functionality to complete the link.
      -you can do this for image links, too.
      -works for FF/IE on Mac/XP (not Safari as it has positioning issues).
    • add a character or two then hit "save" and look for some suggestions on other pages to edit.
  • users can now easily put widgets anywhere with the <widget> parser tag
    • admins can put these anywhere - on any page they want (it's just a regular parser tag).
    • using the "wiki page in a widget" widget they can easily make their own
    • here's a test page - the server for this is in Poland so it might be slow to load.

Coming up

  • we're about to ramp up on SEO
  • Brian is focused on the new image uploader, registration/login flows, and user email validation.

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